WordPress (& Website) Resources Page

My favorite and RECOMMEND web resources. I list the absolute best things here that I would use myself. I’ve also included thoughts on others that I don’t like…just so you have some context.


Shared Webhosting (cheap, but functional):

  • SiteGround – best of the shared hosting. Get the $11.95 GoGeek plan.
  • A2Hosting – largely toted as a “great service” but actually slow.
  • HostGator/Bluehost/etc – avoid all EIG-owned hosting companies. Terrible service.

VPS/Dedicated Hosting (best speeds/performance):

  • DigitalOcean / Prgmr – best pricing, solid speed/uptime
  • Vultr / Scaleway – it’s ok, can be slower speeds/disks/CPU/etc.
  • OVH – bad! Many complaints out there.

Premium WordPress Hosts (proclaimed “fastest):

  • Pantheon – the
  • WPengine –
  • Flywheel –


WordPress (PREMIUM) Themes/Frameworks:

  • Genesis Framework – the absolute best.
  • Thesis Framework – absolute pain in the ass to customize (for beginners AND developers) unless you remember where every little setting is. It’s non-intuitive and clumsy to use in every way.

WordPress (FREE) Themes:

  • Astra – beautiful free theme, clean-coded, super small and runs fast.
  • OceanWP – free starter theme, beautiful and comes with a pagebuilder. Requires paid plugins to get full functionality. :/
  • WordPress defaults (2017,2016) –


WordPress Pagebuilders:

  • BeaverBuilder


WordPress Cache Plugins:

  • Simple Cache – fastest plugin for me.
  • Comet Cache – second fastest plugin for me.
  • W3TC – I hate it. Way too bloated and technical. Incompatible with many plugins and not the fastest even when it does work!
  • WP Rocket – overrated, not the fastest.

WordPress Speed Plugins:

  • WP Gonzalez – amazing, incredibly useful.
  • AutoOptimize – not necessary if your theme and plugins are optimized already. (This is like a band-aid.)


WordPress Image Plugins/Services:

  • ShortPixel / Imagify – SP has best compression and GLOSSY formats.
  • TinyPNG/JPG – can be good sometimes.
  • WP Smush/EWWW – horrible compression quality/file-size ratio.
  • Quick Featured Images PRO –
  • Easy Media Replace – great for replacing media files without having to dig through FTP folders and matching names.
  • reGenerate Thumbnails advanced – best IMO, easy-to-use with great filtering options.


WordPress Database Plugins:

  • Advanced Database Cleaner – incredible for tidying things up
  • editor – great for editing your database from WordPress instead of via cPanel/phpmyadmin (BE CAREFUL!)


WordPress BackUp Plugins:

  • BackUpWordPress – my favorite
  • BackupBuddy – other people like it
  • UpDraft – many really like this, I hate it
  • Duplicator – great for migrating/clone sites


WordPress Membership Plugins:

  • RCP/WooMemberships
  • MemberPress – just a
  • DAP
  • MemberMouse – I hate it


Shopping Stores:

  • Shopify – works great, looks great. Cheapest plan is $9 or $15 if you want to use it with WordPress.

Email Services:

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