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How to Establish Your Own Voice – BLOGGING TIPS

My advice for bloggers trying to establish their own “voice”:

One of the best ways I’ve developed my own voice is to forget about grammar. Just talk out loud, and write down your words exactly the way you talk. Forget about that punctuation crap. You don’t need it. As long as people understand you and can hear a voice speaking to them when they read your writing, that’s all that matters. You’re trying to SPEAK to your readers, not write them an essay.

This isn’t to say I think you should ignore grammar. In fact, that’s easy once you’ve found your voice but perhaps tricky for new bloggers who are so busy trying to structure proper sentences and aren’t aware that they don’t write the same way they speak. Your natural speech is so full of personality. Put that down on paper and then come back around later and take care of grammar afterwards.

BEST WordPress SEO Plugins 2017

There’s only 3 good ones that I’ve found. They are all full-featured, updated (as of this writing), and highly regarded.


1. The SEO Framework

This is the one I’m using currently on my site and I love it. Very clean and simple. All the necessary functions. Very fast, no bloat. And not obnoxious. It’s the newest one to the SEO plugins market and very refreshing. Added bonus is that it integrates very nicely with Genesis framework. You can see the intentions from the developer himself here.

It’s the latest newcomer to the SEO market and highly touted by developers who are tired of the other WordPress SEO plugins.


2. All in One SEO Pack

This one I would say is the next best SEO plugin for wordpress. It’s full-featured, designed nicely, and works well. For a long time, this one was compared against #3 and you saw endless comparison posts on “All in One vs YOAST”.

Back then when I followed the debate a couple years ago, All in One was the better plugin. It was written like a REAL SEO plugin, I felt. Whereas YOAST was this fancy free plugin trying to gain market share.

Even today, many people claim All in One SEO is better and faster, and that’s good enough for me.



The de facto standard! YOAST has grown through the years and now matured into this giant commercial behemoth of an SEO plugin. It’s prettiness and millions of features won over it’s public support and current mainstream position of being the #1 WordPress SEO plugin. Just about all levels of users, amateur and pros alike, will look to install YOAST as their preferred SEO plugin of choice today.

For the users that like YOAST, they like it for it’s giant list of features and compatibility with many themes and other extensions. They feel it’s this one amazing plugin that can do everything. They like that it’s easy to use for beginners and every little setting is explained.

So what’s the problem with YOAST?

The users who don’t like YOAST will say that it’s bloated. Way too many features. Too annoying, with colors and dialogs and notices taking over your admin. Constant onscreen harassment around the content editor telling you every little thing to do. Slow performance, conflicts with other themes and plugins, and even sub-par SEO ranking performance. I would say this plugin is total overkill for experienced SEO experts.

WordPress Multilingual Guide 2016 – Plugin Review, Language Translation Strategy, and WPML Tips

A fast breakdown of the strategy I used to turn my WordPress into a multilingual site to target different readers and customers from all around the world. I go over many of the typical challenges you’ll face when trying to translate your website into other languages.

Read to learn about different WordPress translation plugins, ideas for translating your content, and tips to make WPML plugin work better for you. Continue reading WordPress Multilingual Guide 2016 – Plugin Review, Language Translation Strategy, and WPML Tips