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The problem with IM Marketing Products

Are you frustrated by having spent so much money on programs and not making any money out of it?

How about you learn how to build a real business? Try to make money by offering value, not by offering promises, or catchy headlines, or gimmicks. Offer real things and people will give you real money for it. The problem with a lot of the advice out there is that it’s “get rich quick” advice and that kind of advice is often skipping corners.

If you had to build your own house, would you want the cheapest instructions for “building a house quick”? If no, then why would you do that for your business?

Favorite motivational quote

Just do it.

  • really, just do it
  • stop worrying about it, and do it
  • it doesn’t matter what others think, do it anyway
  • it doesn’t matter that you’re good at it, it matters that you did it
  • it’s not gonna be perfect, nothing is, just do it
  • stop lagging and do it
  • stop thinking about it and do it
  • instead of worrying about the whole thing, try doing the first step
  • do it first, then worry and analzye and adjust and improve afterwards, but you have to do it first

Everything is work!

The answer is YES!

Oh man…at first I thought it was impossible. Like making money online was some secret only others figured out. I started scheming and trying to come up with magical ideas, which were all a total waste of time.

It wasn’t until I understood making money online (or doing anything, really) AS A PROCESS, that I started making progress. Think of it as a process. You learn and learn and grow and grow until one day, you’re making the kind of money you want.

I did it without help, without ever buying a WSO or guide, or any of that crap. I simply learned many MANY skills (some useful, some not-so-useful) and kept at it. 6 years after I started, I was making passive income without having to work everyday. It’s totally possible and you will get there if you start working. You can totally pull 6 figures doing nothing. It’s possible, TRUST ME.

Working your ass off to build a residual money-making business is totally possible. It’s the other option of NOT working your ass off and making money that is totally impossible. Thinking the second option actually exists will only distract you from the path to success.

Everything is work! Even sex is work. (Getting sex is work. HAVING sex is work.) Try to look at it that way. If you’re looking at any methods or trying to do anything that is sold to you as being “LESS work”, that might not be the right way to go.

What is One Advice You Would Have Given to Yourself If You Started Over

I would have hired out more often. Starting out, I always tried to save money and learn how to do things myself. This is important but even better is to hire a pro and learn by watching his formula and seeing how he works. There were so many steps of the process that took out so much time because I insisted on learning how to do it myself. Looking back, I would have saved a lot of time and stress AND FAILURE simply by working with someone who knows how to overcome that challenge.

Think about any challenge you’ve ever had…I can assure you, there is somebody out there who knows exactly how to deal with it.

Your Job is ALWAYS to Inspire

It doesn’t matter what you do, you will ALWAYS have to inspire people. You have to inspire them to want more, to be better, to want to enjoy more in life. Inspire people to care, inspire students to learn, inspire customers to buy.


Earlier at WF, somebody said,

  • “Talentless pianists remain talentless pianists no matter how many lessons they take. Good teachers do not encourage them.”


And to that I replied:

Uhhhh…I would seriously doubt the validity of the teacher. If you cannot inspire, motivate, and enthusiastically share your passion with a student…what kind of teacher are you?

A teacher who doesn’t encourage, is like a salesman who doesn’t encourage. That’s like a salesman saying, “Hey, I’m just here to take your money…it’s not my job to encourage you to give it to me.”

Being an instructor in my offline life, I have so much passion for what I do and I’m able to teach it to anyone. Not everyone can be great, but surely everyone can improve, learn, have fun, and enjoy success with it.

How to Solve Problems

  1. Create the best solution I can think of, assuming there are no obstacles.
  2. The first step will result in unlimited answers. From these, I pick the ones that could possibly fit the best in the current situation.
  3. I try to implement and work with the best possible solutions. When all else fails, I step back to #2 and if needed, I step back to #1 again.

The big tip is not to focus so hard on the obstacles.
With clever thinking, your obstacles might not be obstacles in the end at all.

How much should good IM coaching cost?

It could be very little or very expensive. But the price shouldn’t be what matters.

If you get what you need (not necessarily what you want) and it helps you make money, the price doesn’t matter. Everyone needs a different type of coaching. Some people need somebody to hold their hand and walk them through every step of the way. Others need only to be pointed in the right direction and they explore for themselves. Often, the best instruction can be had even at a big discount.

In my case, I never paid anything for the knowledge I have now. I read around, studied up on different things. When I met a successful IM, I took him out to lunch and just let him talk about his own business. That was all the learning I ever needed. I didn’t need written-down instructions or steps or anything. I simply listened to how he built his business and I incorporated some of that into what I was doing.

How easy is it to make money online?

Maybe not too easy. But certainly doable and success is quite predictable.

There’s skills and then constant work and dedication.
If you can keep working on one project and believing in it and going along the dream, and not get distracted, you can make money.

Just that fact that you make the effort will push you further down the road. And once you get far enough, you’ll start making money. Never listen to the “easy money”, “overnight success” stories. Those guys have usually had many failures and much “experience” before hitting a home-run.

Take your time, do your work, you’ll get there. Keep trying, testing, experimenting, exploring. Discussing, sharing, pushing, pulling.

If you don’t know what to do. Learn from one school of thought and keep with it. Stop jumping ship every time it gets difficult. Overcoming the difficult parts is what it takes to finally be successful.