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MLM are SCAMS, not real businesses!

I absolutely hate and never recommend MLM’s (multi-level marketing, aka “pyramid schemes”). None of them last long…and a business model built around saturating your market as quick as possible is never going to last. How long would Starbucks last if they put a franchise on every corner? Any business that makes more profit from enlisting you into the business than actually selling a product or service is not a real business. And likewise….what the hell company do you think wants to ever share profit? If you had a cash-generating machine, how much percentage of it would you like to give away? So then…why do MLM’s try to give away so much commission? — that’s right, because that’s where their money comes from. It’s scam no matter how many loopholes they exploit.

Seriously! They’re not contributing any real value to the world…it’s a scam! It’s a middleman that offers no value competing against other over-priced middlemen [preying] catering to customers that have financial problems/fears instead of real customers that actually need a service/product. And the only reason they even have a product/service is to exploit a loophole by pretending they’re a real business!

How to Hire Remote Employees

QUESTION: How do I find a low-cost, reliable, AND trustworthy remote employee?

There are numerous methods. Some business owners will try to find a remote staffing agency that vets all their employees. Others will try to hire directly via freelance sites like UpWork. Others prefer to search from word-of-mouth asking other friends in online communities. I’ve used all three with varying results. And have found the ultimate method that I use today. Continue reading How to Hire Remote Employees

Should You Quit College?

It really depends on what options you have out there OUTSIDE of college.

You should leave college if you have a better option and clearer direction in life. Otherwise, being lazy and staying at home and waking up whenever you feel like is not going to do you any good.


It also depends on what you don’t like about college:

  • structure? – uhhh, ok you’re gonna need that in life
  • education? – yeah…you don’t have to get this from college, but you’ll need it
  • discipline? – if you think going to college is hard, wait till you get a real job with a real boss who will fire you if you come to work late or do only 70% of your job instead of 100%
  • doing work you don’t care about? – again…try finding a job where you only have to do things you enjoy
  • waking up early? – again…try getting a real job


I think the most legit reasons for leaving college are:

  • it costs too much and you are unable to move to a cheaper college
  • you’ve found a paying job that gives you more knowledge and experience than being in college
  • the career you want to be in does not require or value a college degree
  • you are extremely self-motivated and know how to learn (through books, internet, friends, etc) on your own
  • you’re lazy – if this is the case, you should quit ASAP because no professor or fellow students should spend energy on you when you don’t even care to invest in yourself


While I do feel college is in many ways overrated, it does come with many benefits:

  • opportunities to socialize and meet people in a non-competitive setting and genuinely social setting (it will be very hard to do this later on in life)
  • opportunities to get exposed to different kinds of people and their passions
  • learn how to work with other people, different backgrounds, and gender

How to Set a Sales Meeting

If it matters, I would suggest to make sure that it feels more like a free consultation rather than a sales pitch. Everyone always seems too busy unless you’re there to help them or do something for them.

Instead of asking for “Just 15 minutes of your time”, it could be more like, “Let’s talk more about your business on Monday!”

It’s important to let them know that you’re just there to give free tips and suggestions for their business. Things they can do on their own (small businesses love to hear this) and that if they’re serious and want to invest further, they’re welcome to talk to you about your services. Try to come off like you’re already successful and have a lot of clients. Make it sound like you’re not desperate for the job, you’re just an awesome helpful person and leaving doors open for future business.

And then when you meet in person….explain the process to them, how much work and effort goes into doing whatever it is that you do for your existing clients. You explain a little bit of the behind-the-scenes stuff. And then some of them will realize how much work it is and practically beg you to do it for them. Or some will try to do it on their own to save money, realize how hard it is, and come back to you anyway. But basically, you’re talking about your business the same way they’re talking about theirs.

You’re not begging for money, you’re talking about how you’re making it.