There’s No Time to Be Scared

When you want to be great, there’s no time to be scared.

Conquer your fear? Put aside your doubt? We don’t have time for that. This isn’t about getting started. You’ve got a long road ahead and more important things to focus on than being afraid. Fear exists, you don’t need to conquer it. You just walk past it and get busy.

How Bad Do You Want It?

…it turns out most people aren’t successful…not because they’re not good enough, talented enough, social enough, smart enough, resourceful enough, didn’t have the right training, born in the right social class, etc.

They just don’t want it bad enough.

And for those who don’t want it that bad, they’ll never get it. They’ll never make time for it. They’ll never work hard enough for it. They won’t sacrifice everything else for it. They’ll make every excuse for why they haven’t succeeded but they’ll never admit to themselves that they don’t want it bad enough.

You’ll be successful when you want it as bad as you want to breathe.

How Bad Do You Want It from Greyskale Multimedia LLC on Vimeo.

Couchsurfing B-Corp Is a Good Thing

Lately, there’s been a lot of divided opinions (more against it than for it) about Casey Fenton’s decision to raise money and turn Couchsurfing into a B-corp. It created legions of angry CS’ers and sparked heated debate among the themes of capitalism, altruistic communities, and [corrupted] corporations.


How I feel about the anti-corporation community:

Some people were demanding that Casey give up Couchsurfing and upgrade its members to shareholder status. To that I say: CS is still Casey’s project and he doesn’t owe any piece of it to any of you. You have every right to your own opinion and to play along or go elsewhere, but you don’t have any right to his intellectual property. Just because I use Youtube and share links with all my friends doesn’t mean Youtube owes me a percentage of their company.

Being a user of the site, we are all essentially “non-profit shareholders” of CS. We are all a part of this community and own it in the sense that we represent the company. Without users, CS is nothing.

We are already benefiting from the great service and travel convenience that it offers. Now you wanted money too for being a part of this? Or are you now wanting money because someone else is profiting money? (Is it not enough that you get to contribute to the ideals of couchsurfing? You want a reward, too?) I guess your argument supports the point of corporations moreso than it challenges it.

And for all the questions about “why didn’t Casey ask for more money?” That’s not what CS’ing is all about. It’s not about asking money for free couches.

As for all the questions of “Why didn’t Casey do this? Why didn’t Casey do that?”, Casey made the best decision to benefit the corporation as well as the community. He didn’t need to ask the CS community because he had the support of some of the world’s smartest and most experienced. And yes, they’re going to make a shit-ton of money. We [Americans] still live in a world where things cost money and those who have more will live more comfortably than those who don’t. Having money doesn’t necessarily mean your quality of life is better. You might be just as stressed out and unhappy as anybody else…but at least you get to do it from the comforts of a leather armchair and not a concrete floor of the subway station. Personally, I’d rather have a sucky life in a mansion.


Anti-Corporation Sentiment

It seems to me that many of the arguments are simply anti-corporation sentiments. They’re jaded by the big heartless corporations that sold their country’s natural resources, child labor, oil spill, manipulative advertising, etc. People will argue that a for-profit corporation will always become corrupted sooner or later because their first priority will always be about making money than it is to contribute to the community.

It doesn’t matter if a company is a profit corporation or non-profit corporation, it will ALWAYS have an opportunity and motive to be corrupted.


Couchsurfing Making A Profit

The way I see it, it’s good if Casey finds a way to make money while still providing the service for free. Re-designing and re-organizing the company so that it can take care of itself as it takes care of others. It’s not about profits, it’s about becoming self-sustainable. And for a corporation, the blood of self-sustainability can be MONEY.

Corporations are not inherently bad because they have a need to profit. Any corporation, profit or non-profit, can only prosper by giving us exactly what we want. If the new corporate CS fails to give users the experience they want in a traveler site, they will not exist (let alone make any money).

There is no reason why they aren’t allowed to make money. The only way a corporation will be successful if we are happy. And as long as we are happy, nothing else should matter. (Assuming no laws are broken, environments left unharmed, nobody exploited.)

There were even claims of Couchsurfing being a monopoly. That it FORCED users to turn into a profiting corporation. Couchsurfing is simply the best community, you are not forced to take part in it. (Btw, almost all the other traveler hospitality sites are FOR-PROFIT companies.)

I personally don’t care if CS makes a billion dollars as long as it delivers the best couchsurfing experience out there. The concept saved me a lot of money and if the service remains free, I think it’s fair that somebody profits out of this. As it stands, CS is the best traveler-hosting website and until that changes, I have no choice but to put up with whatever they do.


The Most Important Thing:

Is that the community of free hospitality is kept alive. Stay or leave CS if you want, but just don’t forget to do your part in helping other travelers out. You are not TRAPPED or FORCED to do anything against your will.  You still have your most important power, which is the power to meet travelers and still has fun.

And hey, guess what…maybe CS will be BETTER because of this new transformation. It might be the beginning of a new era. More helpful features added as they make money while delivering a better “FREE” site for CS’ers. I don’t see how CS can last, providing server bandwidth for free to millions of travelers. The users still have all the power, we leave the site and take our communities with us if they don’t deliver what we want.

The Secret to Helping Others

So you’re out to save the world. You’re a super-hero, creating a super-hero organization, out there to save the people who can’t save themselves. You have the time, money, and resources to do for others what they could never do for themselves. You’ve got the experience and heart to do it. I won’t be the first to tell you it doesn’t work that way.

Nobody wants to be helped. People don’t want you to do anything for them, they want to do it themselves. They want to live their lives to the fullest of THEIR ability, not yours. So if people don’t want to be helped? What is it exactly that they’re reaching out to each other for?

People want:

1. inspiration

2. support

3. appreciation


Inspiration is the most powerful want to helping others, teaching others, doing anything for other people. People don’t get inspired when you do things for them. They get inspired by watching you do it yourself. They get inspired when they see you struggle, overcome, and then succeed.

The best way to help others is to help yourself. So go out there, do things for yourself, show the world what you’re willing to struggle through to get what you want. Be an inspiration to the world. Inspiration’s what we really need.

The Modern Era of Geniuses

Maybe a prediction, maybe not. It seems to be like things are only becoming more and more definite. The rich get richer as the poor get poorer. The dumb get dumber as the smart get smarter.

I’m not gonna lie. I think we’re going to enter a whole new era of geniuses in the coming decades. Remember the Bach’s, Mozarts, Beethovens, Picasso’s, Da Vinci’s, Michaelangelo’s, Socrates, and all those other historic geniuses? I think we’re beginning to see them in our modern time.

But they’re not doing arts and crafts. No way, not in the modern world. The new world reward for genius ability is wealth. Today’s geniuses or creating mind-blowing websites and new social experiences using technology to help people connect more meaningfully than they ever had before. The new world geniuses are creating Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google, edu-tainment marketing, eco-friendly industrial design, and a myriad of other new world thinking.

Fear not the future, my friends. We are being taken care of by many forward thinkers and modern-day geniuses like Steve Jobs. And the truth is, we are only getting smarter. Not the entire human race as a whole, but the outliers have been pulling quickly apart from the rest of the pack. As the masses continue to plunge further into an economic and emotional depression, geniuses continue to emerge from the hardship. It seems as though the only way to tolerate tyranic governments, inevitable economic depression, and decreasing quality of life, is to grow a passion for life. Not necessarily to get better at life, master it, or succeed at it, but to enjoy life and live more passionately. Therein lies the creation of genius.

The End of Facebook?

I’m beginning to see the end of Facebook.

It was about 4 years ago when I predicted the end of MySpace. Facebook was not only a better social network, it was superior to MySpace in every way. Aside from that, it grew to become something that could no longer compare it to MySpace. If anything, it only mimicked the familiar MySpace just to steal its user base.

And now…I see the end of Facebook is not too far off. Facebook showed me how incredibly useful it was to have access to all my friends and family from one central location. It was nice to have access to contact everyone via chat, messaging, email, and sharing information quickly to one another.

And then I saw that I didn’t need all those friends. In fact, I could probably live with just 100 of them. You know, the top 100 that actually comment and look at my stuff and interact with me IN REAL LIFE. As helpful as Facebook may be in mass communication among your many friends (and acquaintances), I’m not so sure it brings true meaning into my life. The fact that I can live without it could very well mean the end of the network.

What will the next social network be? …I’ll put that in another post.

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