Best WordPress Image Compression Plugins 2017 – ShortPixel vs Imagify

Honestly…there are only 2 good ones (ShortPixel and Imagify). The rest are junk to me. Either poor compression quality, lack of features, hard to use, or don’t offer anything unique that these 2 already do better.


First choice – ShortPixel

  • Better compression rates, offers WebP format, offers GLOSSY format (high quality compression for photographers), good pricing. This is my default go-to. Try their compression test.


Second choice – Imagify

  • Another high-end image plugin that was formerly the first place. High quality and fair pricing. Some compression settings may be better than ShortPixel. Very easy to use. From the creators of the highly-acclaimed WP Rocket cache plugin.


What about the others?

  • EWWW, WP Smush, Kraken, etc…. they are not as good IMO. You get uglier images with artifacts and/or the image size is not as small. Ugly UI and also difficult to use.
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