SIMPLE FIX – Windows 10 Creators Fall Update 1709 Failed to Install Error Code 0xC1900101 0xc1900107 0xc1900208 0x30018

I can’t believe I’ve put up with months of the annoying Microsoft Windows update restarting, failing, and recovering my windows installation. An endless cycle that kept harassing me for an upgrade.

I’ve run into numerous error messages like these below:

  • 0xC1900101 0x30018 the installation failed in the FIRST_BOOT phase with an error during SYSPREP operation
  • Please provide the support representative with this error code: 0xc1900107
  • Windows could not configure one or more system components. To install windows, restart the computer and then restart the installation.

I tried various solutions that all failed to work: Continue reading SIMPLE FIX – Windows 10 Creators Fall Update 1709 Failed to Install Error Code 0xC1900101 0xc1900107 0xc1900208 0x30018

Business Branding for the Longterm

Having a strong brand is the only way to make money over the longterm, IMO.

Having a brand allows you to sell anything you want at any price you want. Those without a brand are gonna be selling the same generic crap as everyone else and racing to the bottom with discount pricing.

The worst part of all is that not having a brand still becomes your brand! People will know you as the “cheap brand” and you’ll never be able to raise your prices because the moment you do, they’ll switch to either another cheap brand or an already-established premium brand.

How Unique Should Your Logo Design Be?

Just my 2 cents as a long-time professional in design, marketing, branding. Logo design is really tough when you first start out because you want so badly to design something people like.

And people will say they like this and that but in reality, they only like a new logo if it looks familiar to other logos they know (kind of like choosing who to talk to at a party where you don’t know anyone). As time passes and your brand gets stronger and more distinct, people will much more appreciate/recognize a distinct logo that doesn’t look like anything else.

So with that said…I recommend that you go totally distinct (even a little ugly) is fine. It’s always much better in the long run. Many of the biggest brands out there are not the sexiest logo but boy are they distinct. And many of the most cluttered undistinguished brands out there all have the same “trendy/sexy” look. (Think Shopify woman’s shopping sites with the same black & white minimalist vibe with the clean san-serif thin font logos.)

Should you offer FREE CONSULTATIONS on your website?

Here’s the chat script from a friend asking me this….
  • Hey! have you ever done a free consultation on your website?
  • debating on if I should put that or not on my new website
  • as a call to action i have people signing up for my newsletter. basically so I can get their email. but I have noticed a lot of people offer free consultation. this way they can talk to you, find out your needs and get your email. I am debating on that.
  • it won’t be me talking to them lol, but may be a nice way to capture people. just don’t want to get bombarded with nonsense
  • This is one of those things where it may or may not be worth your while. For my specific industry and marketing style, I find it to be a waste of time. I have a strong brand already and do not need to “get to know people”. They also do not need to “get to know me”. They see my products, and if they like it they buy it. No small talk necessary. These kinds of tactics are often used by lesser known brands and usually you get only tire-kickers this way looking to waste your time while they get as much free info as possible. Even worse, they later mark your emails as spam lowering your email delivereability rates. I absolutely do not want anybody’s email unless they really badly want to be on my list.
  • omg, true…love the way you put it…and my products are not cheap so I don’t want to waste time. decision made! hell no! lmao
  • seriously. lol. only cheap brands do that.
  • when you walk around downtown LA….every street vendor is like “hey baby, what you looking for? anything you need? come in! come in and see our stuff!”
  • and when you go to nordstrom…they just leave you the fuck alone and let you know they can bring you any specific sizes if you want.
  • hahahahahah very true. lmfao

SiteGround Webhosting Review – UPDATED 2018

Shared hosting is back!

I bought into SiteGround as a total skeptic. I weaned myself off of shared hosting 8 years ago. But I came back because I heard great things and figured it was a lot easier to have a nice $12/month shared hosting plan with cPanel, staging, SSL, and all the little goodies than to manage my own micro-VPS at that price point. The speed, uptime, and support have been fantastic. I’m enjoying shared hosting again thanks to siteground and happy for the 10 months I’ve been with them.

Great speed, uptime, convenience, and support!

For those wondering, I have the GoGeek plan with the dedicated IP add-on. Very happy with how everything has been run. They truly are a solid and reliable webhost.

Checkout SiteGround webhosting plans!

How to Establish Your Own Voice – BLOGGING TIPS

My advice for bloggers trying to establish their own “voice”:

One of the best ways I’ve developed my own voice is to forget about grammar. Just talk out loud, and write down your words exactly the way you talk. Forget about that punctuation crap. You don’t need it. As long as people understand you and can hear a voice speaking to them when they read your writing, that’s all that matters. You’re trying to SPEAK to your readers, not write them an essay.

This isn’t to say I think you should ignore grammar. In fact, that’s easy once you’ve found your voice but perhaps tricky for new bloggers who are so busy trying to structure proper sentences and aren’t aware that they don’t write the same way they speak. Your natural speech is so full of personality. Put that down on paper and then come back around later and take care of grammar afterwards.

WordPress Backup Plugin Review – BackupWordPress vs Updraft

I made a long explanation about it a long time ago but can’t remember everything I said. Basically, BackupWordpress has all the features I need for free and doesn’t nag me at all like UpDraft.
Off the top of my head, Updraft: 1) doesn’t back up the entire root directory unless you pay for premium (so it misses my secret directories or files that I or clients may have placed in unconventional locations), 2) leaves orphan data in database when you uninstall it (probably trying to preserve settings, etc), 3) just annoying GUI that isn’t as easy to use as BWP in my opinion, 4) feels bloated to me 5) nags me to pay for premium.
I absolutely hate it, but am fully aware and respect many developers who swear by UpDraft and trash BackupWordPress for “just doesn’t work, keeps spinning forever”. I feel BackupWordPress can be finicky especially on shared hosts where it sometimes runs out of memory but when it works, man I love it so much more.
I also feel Updraft is great if you like to back things up in bits and pieces and restore them bits and pieces. It’s great for modular backups and granular control, but horrible for if you just want a simple ‘back everything up’ option.

Managed VPS vs Unmanaged VPS

What managed VPS does is give you a pre-tuned hosting environment that fits most sites out there (with varying levels of aggressive caching enabled). If you’re coming from shared hosting, any VPS will be a noticeable performance gain to you. But where managed VPS can be a turn-off is the price. You might pay upwards of $30-500/month for a server that you could have leased yourself for a quarter of that.

Think of it this way, $80/managed gets you either: 6-core server unmanaged VPS and you have to set everything up yourself, or 2-core VPS with everything pre-configured. Most techies will choose the 1st option and set-up the server themselves or hire a cheap sys admin somewhere around the world to provision it for them.

The route of going unmanaged is indeed much cheaper and potentially offers superior service/functionality in the long run since you have full control (but also full responsibility) of everything. Being that you don’t plan to learn any bit of server management, it’s not a bad idea to always have a programmer and sys admin you can hire from time to time to manage this for you. You’ll only need them a couple times a year and you save more money paying them only when needed rather than to pay a managed VPS company a ton of money upfront.

However, some folks really do prefer the convenience. It’s like choosing to build your ow PC vs buying a Dell/Apple and it comes with warranty.

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